In the oven, 
he asked to borrow my sweater.
"Absolutely," I reply, "but might I ask why?"
"Kindling for the fire."
and he tossed it on. 


"Your house is made of candy
and attracts a lot of flies. 
Might I suggest that you revise
your approach to building supplies?"
"It's true, they come by the swarm.
But if first I lick
the walls, they stick
to the outside, leaving the inside
bugless and warm."


I sat in the pumpkin patch
alone with the mice
awaiting my Royal Carriage. 
The clock struck midnight,
my carriage never came.
I tried to walk, but
my legs were lame so
I stood on my head


When traveling through the forest,
stick to the trail
and you will find home. 
However, if it's your self that you seek,
or better yet, true love's kiss,
then heed the wolf's call
and roam. 

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